The Claretine Challenge Grand Finale - Seniors

The First Grand Finale of the Claretine Challenge Seniors was held on 26 July. The finalists of Solo Dance, Speech Competition, Quiz and Spell Bee gave their best and made it an event par excellence.

The Quiz Competition was organised by the Questars Club and it was an intense battle of brains between the four team finalists.

The Inter House Spell Bee organised by Word Spice Club was a verbal Inter House battle, where as the Dance and Speech were individual performances.The Judges for dance were Ms. Shilpa and Mr. Akhil Dev. The Judges for speech were Ms. Maria Barthalomew and Mr. Raunak from St. Claret Degree College.


In Spell Bee Competition Yellow Dragons were the Winners and Blue Surfers were the Runners Up.

In Quiz Competition Green Gladiators were the winners and Blue Surfers the Runners Up.

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